Episode 2: The Show with Allison


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Featured: bisforblessed.com
Guest: Allison at longandluxe.com
Kenny: culturemonk.com
Kylie: journeyofkylie.com

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19 thoughts on “Episode 2: The Show with Allison

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  2. Hey guys, the MP3 link doesn’t seem to be working.


  3. Great show! I’m heading over to check out Allison’s blog now.


  4. I kind of enjoy interacting with those who seem bored and are looking to be oppositional to others online – it’s an interesting challenge trying to help them identify the flaw in their line of thinking when they think there is none. Not for the faint of heart! Many of these people actually do believe what they are saying!


  5. This was so funny. Kenneth, you’re a funny guy. And I empathize with the dressing your age thing. :-)


  6. I loooooved this episode so much! :-) Allison is fascinating and funny. You guys have a really good thing going! Keep it up.


  7. It’s not that Kylie speaks in innuendo, it’s that Kenneth’s mind is always in the gutter lol. :)


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